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This account trades only the EURAUD Pending orders are placed at about 6PM GMT for both buy and sell until around midnight. This is EA based. There is a stop loss at about 46 pips. It is just for safety measures. However, there will always be an occasion where a stop loss will be hit. The strategy is a scalping method looking to get 5 pips profit per trade. The EA will handle open trades and adjust take profit and stop loss accordingly. There is no martingale or grid recovery used. Pr…
Базовая валюта AUD
Макс. просадка (падение на графике) -19.73%
Макс. прибыль (рост на графике) 155.87%
Последний период
Месяц Квартал Полгода Всё время
24.89% 49.19% 123.25% 148.34%
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Неделя Месяц
2.55% 11.56%
Количество убыточных недель 30.43%
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