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The signal is working with multiple expert advisors, so we can use different strategies to get better results and more trades. I recommend minimum 2000 USD for copying. This Signal is not created to get high results in short time by high risks! I frequently update and control the working EAs, so that the trading activitys are permanently supervised. Before an EA is used, it must pass certain requirements in the backtest. These include a good profit factor, low drawdown and a good reco…
Базовая валюта EUR
Макс. просадка (падение на графике) -76.66%
Макс. прибыль (рост на графике) 52.44%
Последний период
Месяц Квартал Полгода Всё время
-1.2% -74.9% -71.15% -64.08%
Средний период
Неделя Месяц Квартал
-2% -8.42% -23.2%
Количество убыточных недель 35.71%
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