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Grow Funds-AutoLot - is a multi-advisor is intended for simultaneous trading on multiple currency pairs (recommended pair AUDCAD,EURAUD,EURCAD,EURCHF,EURGBP,GBPAUD,GBPCAD,GBPCHF,GBPUSD,USDCAD,USDCHF). Work timeframe - M15. Trading time - the end of the US session and the beginning of the Asian. In its Trade Advisor uses several algorithms and strategies to build a strong price levels and trend channels, taking into account the volatility of each currency pair. Opening positions are on…
Базовая валюта USD
Макс. просадка (падение на графике) -24.22%
Макс. прибыль (рост на графике) 1162.60%
Последний период
Месяц Квартал Полгода Год Всё время
0.78% 2.92% -1.96% 66.94% 1,002.48%
Средний период
Неделя Месяц Квартал Год
1.82% 8.15% 26.49% 155.99%
Количество убыточных недель 28.57%
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