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This account uses multiple night time scalping EA's with an overlapping chart strategy which I have developed over the past year. The pairs trades are EURUSD and EURAUD. EURGBP is likely to be introduced shortly. You need to use a broker with low spreads and have a decent ping. Any questions please pm me.
Базовая валюта GBP
Макс. просадка (падение на графике) -40.83%
Макс. прибыль (рост на графике) 3280.79%
Последний период
Месяц Квартал Полгода Год Всё время
3.94% 19.74% 1.37% 112.41% 2,586.3%
Средний период
Неделя Месяц Квартал
3.96% 18.39% 65.93%
Количество убыточных недель 35.71%
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