Nighthawk ECN IC Markets Multipairs
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Trading individual settings of some EA from the MQL5 Market Store. Signal use nightscalping and trend-following strategies. IMPORTANT: Use ECN broker with tight spreads > In order to reduce slippage view in the tab "Slippage" on this signal and select an acceptable broker. If you have previously not acceptable broker you can find one at the following link: >> Open under this link an True ECN Account and you will also get a 21% direct live commissions discount. If you…
Базовая валюта USD
2 инвестора
Макс. просадка (падение на графике) -38.50%
Макс. прибыль (рост на графике) 2135.91%
Последний период
Месяц Квартал Полгода Год Всё время
-0.15% -13.01% -6.34% -18.74% 1,210.54%
Средний период
Неделя Месяц Квартал Год
1.34% 5.94% 18.9% 99.89%
Количество убыточных недель 36.26%
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