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I am in trading since 2005, with Alpari since 2007.

I have two higher educations in computer science (programming) and financial management (both are master's degree).

Over the years, I've developed and used an array of hedging strategies for trading on different markets.

For hedging I use a lot of trade instruments (currencies, oil, etc). For example, 24 instruments are used at the moment.

The majority of deals are based on strong levels (Support&Resistance), channels and long-term fundamental analysis.

I don't use any agressive methods in my trading. Many positions are gained gradually regardless of their start (initial profit or loss). So I am always in the market with multiple hedging deals having various risk. The cumulative risk you can see on the Trading page and Declaration. I don't use a large leverage. Diversification is my preference.

I always use stops in my trading, such as SL for every order and TP for almost every order (except very long-term orders).

All my current accounts (A0, A1, AG, AR) use the same strategies but different currencies of the deposits. However there are some different instruments and varied trading intervals for compensation at these accounts.


I really appreciate my long-term and permanent investors:


1) The proposal (offer) for new investors will be increased by 1% (for all levels) every 3 months since 25 November 2016 (2016.11.25, 2017.02.25...)

The old proposals will continue to act in accordance with their levels.

So there will be no changes in offers for the current investors until they close their accounts.


2) I've decided to give 5% bonuses for all investors who opened their acting investment accounts more than 1 year ago.

This offer is valid also for all investors when their investment accounts reach 1 year old (and +5% for every year in the future, for example, 10% bonuses for 2 year-old anniversary). But all in good time :) Write me please about it.


I hope together we head towards new heights.



Brave Hawk

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